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All contracts are made subject to these Terms of Business and any terms or conditions which other persons shall seek to impose or make part of any contract so far as are inconsistent with these Terms of Business will not apply.                           

The “Seller” means CRAWLEY PLASTERING SUPPLIES LTD and “Sell” includes supply of goods and/or services whether under contract of sale, replacement free of charge, on trial or otherwise howsoever.

The “Buyer” means customer of Crawley Plastering Supplies Ltd or the customers agent.

The “Quotation” includes any offer or estimate and shall be an invitation to treat and any order based on a quotation shall be subject to acceptance before any contract is formed.   

All quotations are made at current daily prices for quantities specified unless otherwise stated in writing. The prices may be higher on smaller quantities and are in any event subject to alteration without notice. The price charged will be the current daily price on the day of supply and subject to the rate of value added tax in force at that date.

Unless otherwise stated, payment of all accounts are due immediately upon placement of order. Cleared funds must be deposited into sellers bank account prior to Delivery/Release of Goods and or Services. 

No alleged error in any account will be accepted by the Seller as a reason for withholding payment when due but adjustment of any error will subsequently be made. If an account becomes overdue it may be necessary to withhold the supply of further materials/sevices until the overdue account is paid in full.

Interest at the rate of 5% above the applicable current bank base rate shall be levied monthly against any overdue amount outstanding and no notification of such charges need be given.              

In accepting delivery of goods supplied by the Seller the Buyer acknowledges that no representation whether oral or in writing has been made by the Seller or anyone in its employ concerning the fitness of the goods for a specific purpose which has led  the Buyer to enter into the contract for the purchase of those goods. No representation is made or given except as expressly  stated in these terms of business or in the appropriate quotation given in writing. The Buyer must rely on his own skill and judgement in deciding whether the goods are fit for his purpose, if necessary by inspecting them or a sample before placing an order. The Buyer is required to ensure at least one authorised person is on site to accept delivery of goods and check the same.   Any goods missing or damaged or wrongly supplied must be reported to the Seller within 24 hours of delivery.

The title to goods supplied shall remain that of the Supplier and shall not pass to the buyer  until such time as payment of the full contract price has been made and in the case of non payment, the Seller shall be entitled to repossess or trade the proceeds of sale of the goods in the hands of the Buyer or in the hands of any Liquidator or Receiver

Delivery to site will be made to the nearest hard road or point to which vehicles can safely proceed at the drivers discretion, subject to the vehicle being driven off the public highway solely upon the Buyers written authority and at his risk. The Buyer shall provide labour free of charge to unload. Failure to provide labour to unload vehicles at the arranged delivery time shall result in additional charges for standing time and in the event of non discharge of goods charges for  fuel, waiting time and handling shall be levied and will be for the Buyers account.

If an item is damaged or part of the order is lost in transit the Seller can accept no liability unless advised within 24 hours of
delivery. In addition the damage should be brought to the attention of the delivery driver and the delivery advice note marked accordingly. The Seller will either credit the price of an item or repair it as he may decide. In no circumstances shall the Seller be liable for any other damage or loss including consequential damage or loss.

The Seller reserves the right to refuse to accept the return of goods correctly supplied to order or unfit for resale. Materials ordered specially from works cannot be cancelled once manufacture has commenced. Items accepted for credit will be subject to a 30% restocking and handling charge and any additional haulage charges that may be incurred. The Buyer must state the supply invoice number and the date and obtain the Sellers receipt for the goods at the time they are returned.

Any claim for alleged defective material must be registered within 24 hours from the time of delivery/collection. The Sellers
  liability on goods found and agreed to be defective is confined to free replacement. No claim for consequential damage or loss      will be entertained. No responsibility is accepted by the Seller for any deterioration due to storage on site.

Samples submitted must be accepted as showing substance and general character only.

All quotations are given and orders accepted subject to materials being available when required. The Seller can in no case be
responsible for any damage arising out of war, strikes, lockouts, labour disturbances, government controls, fire or any other          cause beyond his control.