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Plasterers Trowels


High quality plasterers trowels are a vital component of the plastering trade. At Crawley Plastering Supplies, we specialise in supplying exceptional quality Marshalltown trowels which are world renowned for being the highest quality and most reliable plasterers trowels available.

Because of Marshalltown’s commitment to providing the best possible quality products, their innovative designs are ideal to complete any plastering application and are widely used throughout the world.

We stock a wide range of plasterers trowels which can by accessed by clicking the links below and which are available in sizes ranging from 11” x 4.5” all the way to 20” x 5”.

The materials which have been used to create our range of available plasterers trowels have evolved over time and have now reached a tremendous standard by incorporating properties such as a increased resistance to rust.

Galvanised Steel Finishing Trowels

This range of plasterers trowels combines the very highest grade carbon steel for the blade and a resilient DuraSoft handle to provide an excellent quality trowel.

The alloy mounting is lightweight but does not comprise its strength to achieve this.

Gold Stainless Steel PermaShape Finishing Trowels

This range of plasterers trowels uses the highest quality gold finish stainless steel and also uses extremely resilient DuraSoft handles.

The innovative broken-in design provides the perfect shape to eliminate line and ripple marks from the start. The bevelled work edges of these particular plasterers trowels also prevent surface aggregate popping, and maintains the original broken-in shape.

PermaShape Finishing Trowels

Our range of Permashape Finishing Trowels uses an ultra lightweight blade which is a precisely curved for a finisher. This range of plasterers trowels provides its user with a shape that is guaranteed for the life of the trowel.

Because the blade of this finishing trowel is also given true beveled edges, it has properties which allow the trailing edge of the trowel to glide gently over the surface of the plaster, which significantly reduces surface aggregate popping.

Stainless Steel Finishing Trowels

Our available range of Stainless Steel Finishing have been manufactured using the highest grade stainless steel and again incorporates a resilient DuraSoft handle.

The alloy mounting is lightweight but does not sacrifice any of its strength.

As with all of our plasterers trowels, they are available in a variety of sizes which are certain to include something to suit all applications.

Due to the lightweight nature of our range of plasterers trowels we are delighted to offer delivery to any area within the UK. Please contact us for delivery prices.

If you would like any further information regarding the range of plasterers trowels available from Crawley Plastering Supplies please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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