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Metal Stud Systems

There are various types of metal stud systems that can be used to create a high quality metal-stud-systems.jpgframework to which plasterboard can be fixed. Using metal stud systems provides a much quicker & therefore cheaper installation method than using timber beams.

Metal Systems

At Crawley Plastering Supplies, our range of metal stud systems includes:

•    C Stud
•    I Stud
•    Floor & Ceiling Channel
•    Independant Wall Linings
•    MF Ceilings
•    Acoustic Hangers

Benefits of Metal Stud Systems

Because of the lightweight properties of metal stud systems they are able to be quickly assembled on site. They provide an excellent level of quality at cost effective prices & particularly effective for use in all types of commercial, recreational, institutional and industrial buildings. Metal stud systems are also excellent for use in residential developments such as flats & apartments. They are also approved for use in hospitals.


We are currently able to deliver our range of metal stud systems within the following postcodes:

•    Outside the M25 : GU, RH, BN, TN, & ME  
•    Inside the M25 : TW, KT, SM, CR, BR & DA

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If you would like any further information regarding our range of metal stud systems, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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